The sublime experience
of the motionless travel

At Foresteria Ogygia you will find a cozy and pleasing home away from home, where excellence is a vocation and a promise for those who appreciate a different style of life.

Foresteria Ogygia is for many, but not for everybody, it is for those in search of more time for themselves and those in need of past times’ atmosphere, when there were no holidays, but long vacations. It is for those who believe that true luxury is in the most simple things well done. Foresteria Ogygia is the place where you can discover the slow motion of the vacation.

The peace of a book read in the early afternoon in the shade around the pool, the pleasure of a glass of good wine at the sunset and the chat with new friends at the end of a day spent at sea.

At Foresteria Ogygia you are left to your own privacy, but if you need anything, the owners who live in the property, will be present at any moment to assist you or to unveil all the secrets to discover the best that the Island of Gozo has to offer.


The sublime experience of the motionless travel




-“Philippe Rhamy (Swiss), guest at Foresteria Ogygia in 2005”


At Foresteria you are not clients,
You are our precious guests

In 2001 Marco and Ory Lambrocchi left Milano, their jobs, their beautiful home in Lombardy’s countryside and moved to Gozo where they bought the property in the outskirts of Gharb. Great travelers, both for business and pleasure, they wanted to create a place with a difference, a place where to transfer all their experiences.  

Quietness was their first priority, followed closely by space.

No tiny rooms, but big apartments with large sofas, large beds and a great attention to particulars submerged in the stillness of Gozo's countryside. In May 2002 Foresteria Ogygia was ready and opened its doors.

In the following years the apartments were enriched with a more personal touch as they were their personal holiday home, adding a subtle luxury made of refined simplicity, never pretentious.

Foresteria, in Italian, was the name given to the guest quarters of a Monastery, where the nobles were hosted during their pilgrimages.

At Foresteria you are not clients,but precious guests and any care is taken to make your stay pleasant.


Gozo is not Magic. Gozo is real


Islands are always described as magical, sublime or uncluttered. Not Gozo. Gozo is rough, windy, and somehow harsh.

Gozo is salted rock covered with pink flowers, blossoming at down, after a night of North-West gale.

Its beauty is aching; the perfume of the sea arrives unexpectedly even in the middle of the cultivated fields.

In summer the noon-light can’t be compared to any other in the world and the night starry sky will leaves you breathless.

Gozo is not magic. Gozo doesn’t deserve the hypocrisy of meaningless publicity words. Gozo is real, and you'll love it.